The Most Popular Mario Games Ever

By Ryan Paulin

The new generation of children is getting more and more attached to playing games either on their computers or gaming consoles. However, not only children are hooked on games. There are also plenty of people of ALL ages who have become addicted to flash games. Many games have been created by an awful lot of games designers but there are only a few who make an impact on gamers. Mario games are one of the well-loved games to date. Here are some of the most popular Mario games that have been loved by the young and the once young.

Super Mario 64

Super Mario is among the most popular and well-loved Mario games ever created because it’s the first game design where the main character, Mario, experienced a 3-D world. The main goal of the game is to clear 6 levels, which includes getting a 100-coin star. The game is set in 15 worlds and 15 secret stars one must survive to beat Bowser and save Princess Peach. In order to defeat Bowser, you should have a minimum of 70 stars but the maximum number of stars that you can obtain in a game is 120.

Super Mario Bros


This is where the goal to look for and save Princess Peach started. The princess must be saved from the evil koopa king called Bowser. The main goal of the game is to reach all four levels in all of the 8 worlds so that you will be able to beat Bowser and save the princess. In this game, Mario obtained the fireball power. This is also where Toad, Bowser and Toad were first seen.

Super Mario Bros. 3

In this game, the 7 koopa kids stole the king’s rods and later turned them to animals. In the later part of the game, Browser takes Princess Peach yet again. The main goal of the game is to go through all the worlds and then take the rods from the koopa kids. Then of course, get the kings back to their normal selves. What are attractive about this game are the cool features like the tanooki suit, hammer suit, and the frog suit.

Super Mario World

Again in this game, Princess Peach is kidnapped. If you play the first player, you’ll play as Mario and when you choose player 2, you’ll play as Luigi. The main goal of the game is to go through all the worlds in the game and defeat Bowser and the 7 koopa kids – Wendy, Morton, Larry, Lemmy, Ludwig, Iggy and Roy. This is a game when Yoshi was first introduced.

Mario Party 3

The main goal of the game is to choose 4 of you most loved characters and then select a board game to play. After all characters are done with their turns, a mini game is then arbitrarily chosen to see who will emerge as victor. The character who wins will have 10 extra coins. If you are able to obtain 20 or more coins, you will be given a star. The character who has obtained the most number of stars wins the game.

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