Repurposing An Old Floor With Wood Flooring Refinishing In Nyc


One of the most beneficial aspects of wood flooring is how long the flooring can last. If it is taken care of, the floor may never have to be replaced. Occasionally, scratches may need to be buffed out or broken planks may need to be repaired or replaced, but the majority of the flooring can last a lifetime if not longer. In addition, because of how flexible the wood flooring is when it comes to design, if a person’s design tastes changes, the floor can be stripped of its existing stain and a new stain, more appropriate to the owner’s decorative preferences, can be installed.

Hiring a Professional

This is perhaps one of the most beneficial re-purposing projects from the standpoint of cost as well as allowing the newly decorated space to have a bit of character. However, the job of Wood Flooring in Refinishing NYC can be quite significant. To make sure that the job is done properly, hiring a flooring service may be the best option.

Sanding the Floor

For older flooring, a New York Wood Flooring Service can come to the home and carefully remove the existing stain. This is much easier with solid wood flooring, but even if a person is using engineered wood flooring, especially if that flooring has never been sanded down before, it can be done. Engineered flooring is typically good for at least one to three-floor refinishing projects, how many depends on how thick the planks are. However, whether it’s being a bit more delicate with engineered flooring or getting aggressive with the sanding process for solid floors, an existing stain can be removed.

Repairing and Re-staining

At this point, any repairs that need to be made can take place. Broken flooring planks can be removed and replaced with new ones. Once the damaged areas, if applicable, have been repaired, then a new stain can be applied to the freshly sanded flooring surface. Once the stain is dried, a protective sealant can be placed over the flooring.

As you can see, Wood Flooring in Refinishing NY does take a bit of time, and it will require the services of a professional company for the best results. However, with the new look, the character of the old floor and the cost savings, it’s a project worth considering. Follow us on Twitter.