Rent A Limo, A Holden Statesman Or A Hummer H2

By Keith George

Limousine (or in short Limo) is a name of a special, strangely long luxury car and are usually black (the traditional black limo is considered suitable for funerals as black is a color of mourning in most of the western societies) or white (the traditional white limo is fitting for wedding ceremonies in western societies) in color. Employed drivers called chauffeurs mostly drive these cars.

In general Limos are owned by wealthy people but in many cases governments, big companies and broadcasters to convey their top level politicians, executives and guests respectively also own it. These cars are believed or observed as symbols of wealth.

Limousine cars, being a special luxury one have a partition in between the drivers and passenger compartments, which is usually a sliding glass window. The partition is there so that any conversation between passengers can be kept confidential from the chauffeur.


The seat arrangement in these cars is forward facing (for passengers) with a considerable amount of foot room or foot space. There are two “jump seats”, that are mounted backward, of the driver, and they can be kept folded when not in use, but in some modern versions of limousine cars this feature is not found any more. A limo can carry seven passengers in addition to the driver. Sometimes these cars hold items of entertainment for the passengers like audio players, television, video players, and even bars along with refrigerators. Limousines have multiple doors.

Some of the popular limousine cars are Mercedes S600 Pullman, BMW 74Il, Holden Statesman, Hummer H2, Jaguar XJ, Maybach 62, Cadillac DTS, Lincoln Town Car and others.

Though Limousine cars are considered to be a symbol of wealth and are thus thought to be owned by rich individuals but in most of the times it has been seen that only limousine service or rental companies own limos. Even those rich people who include limos as their major means of transport do not always possess a limousine. What they do is that they go for a contract with a limousine service or rental companies for a long-term basis to get the availability of the vehicle on a lease agreement.

Apart from prosperous and well off persons, anyone in need of these cars can hire it by making contact with any rental firm or organization, which offers or provide limos on lease on a short term basis (as going for long term could be very expensive for them to afford). The most frequent necessities or demand for these limos are for going to airports, balls, proms, weddings and sometimes even to funerals.

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