Erotic Hypnosis Helps With Erectile Dysfunction}

Submitted by: Sven Gregory

I am a 48 year old male, and sometimes I have to deal with erectile dysfunction. So I went to the doctor but he didnt find any problems and said it comes from my mind. So I have tried the blue pill and it works really good for me but the next day I have had some trouble with headache. So I changed to another product, and it works too, but I have had the same headache the other day. I went to the doctor again and he said, that I have to deal with it and that I dont need to worry about it. I am not the person who gives in so easy and I dont want to pay for some fun with a full day of headache. So I was surfing the net to look for other ways to solve my problem. Finally I stumble over hypnosis and I thought it could be a good idea to give it a try. I checked out many web sites dealing with this topic and followed a link to Sambas Audio Books. Well, she is a hypnotist doing some really kinky things, but contacted her, asking some questions and she responded immediately. She is a nice person with a profound knowledge of NLP and hypnosis and I decided to trust her and to try her file called Hypnotic Viagra 8 weeks ago. I could download the file and that was important for me, I am married and my wife doesnt need to know all what I am doing. I purchased and downloaded this file immediately and put it on my iPod to use it later when I came home.

That evening I went home, got some food from the Chinese and watched TV, but it was boring.

I was alone at home because my wife was on a short trip to her parents and so I got my iPod, lay down in my bed and started listening to the mp3 file I purchased on the website of Samba Alex. The site is called Sambas Audio books and you can find it here

WOW, I went under easily and she really knocked me off, but as I finally awaken from her trance I have seen that this file is highly effective.

Not only that I have had a really hard erection, I was horny like hell too. From that day on I used to listen to that file daily for 2 weeks and the effect is amazing. Now I only need to think about hypnotic Viagra and I get an erection like an 18 year old boy.

I have purchased this file for only $29 USD and it has been the best investment I have done in my whole life. Try it out and you will see and feel that it works like I say. And the best is, you do not need to swallow pills anymore.

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Hypnotic Viagra, an erotic hypnosis by Samba Alex


Erotic hypnosis against erectile dysfunction



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