Different Options For Car Parking At Albany Airport}

Submitted by: Samantha Flax

Albany airport is the oldest and the first airport of the America. Albany is one of the most busy airports of USA and also one of best attractions. Now only domestic flights take off from the Albany airport, whole day dozens of flights arrives and departs from the Albany airport. If you have a flight from Albany and you will reach to the airport by your own vehicle then your first thought after reaching at the airport would be finding some safe and easy to reach parking lot.

There would be time when you may find a long queue of vehicles in airport parking lots waiting for their turn to park or finding space for parking their vehicle or there would be a case when you find that the terminal from where your flight will take off that’s terminal parking lot is full. In such situation what will you do? Either leave your car somewhere in non parking area and let that be toe by the cops and go to catch your flight else find some space for car to park and leave your flight if would not be able to check-in on time.

In both situation you will be loss, so to avoid the parking problem at Albany airport, in this article we are going to share some solutions to this problem.


1. Wallet parking: This parking is new trend now days, but this one of the convenient ways to park your vehicle on the busy airports like Albany airport. In wallet parking you will call to the agency that provides the wallet parking facility and tells them the time and place from where you will find handover your vehicle keys to the driver send by the agency and the driver will take over your vehicle from you and will take it to the parking lot and the day and time when you will be returning to the city, the driver will handover you the keys and your vehicle in the same condition you left it. Wallet parking charges are nominal and beneficial in case you are getting late to catch your flight.

2. Short-term Parking: It is best in case if you are going to drop or pick someone from the airport. This parking is free if you come back to take out your vehicle in less than 30 minutes. This sort of parking helps to vehicle owners from the fine of parking car in non-parking area on airports in search of person you come to pick up and also from the long queue of vehicles at airport terminal parking.

3. Parking at Airport Hotels: There are many Albany GA Airport Hotels near to airport of Albany that offers the ‘sleep,park and fly’ facility to the visitors who stay there for some time for rest while waiting for their flight and free park their vehicle and move to airport to catch their flights. Such parking trend is beneficial in areas where you do not find any place to park your vehicle for long period of time.

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