Collectors Take Delight In Gathering Sports Memorabilia

By Adriana P Noton

Attending sporting events is a big part of any culture. Adding sports memorabilia to your collection enhances the fun. Some cultures endorse it more than others. Having a hat or a jacket sporting the logo of your favorite team is part of the whole process of being a die hard sports fan. Keep buying items that reflect your team spirit and it builds your spirit and your team’s morale.

There are several websites that sell things that may be of interest to a sports enthusiast. Sometimes teams sell signed jerseys, footballs, golf balls, and photographs. Some even sell signed copies of a hockey puck. Autographs of famous athletes are a very popular commodity and for some really coveted athletes they can command a high price.

The various leagues of sports’ teams sell everything from appliances, cars, bedroom furniture, and even jewelry for sale. Prices vary and one can find a good deal online or by calling their main contact number. Team logos are a multi-million dollar industry and they can be printed for just about any type of product. Jerseys and jackets are typically the most popular way of showing team spirit, but mugs, beach towels and bobble-heads are all other ways to show team pride.

Collecting artifacts from famous players or famous sporting events is also a popular past time. Persons who were at a major championship game or a landmark moment can cash in on memorabilia that shows they were there. Collectors can seek these sorts of keepsakes and show them off in their personal trophy cases or on their living room mantles.

Baseball cards have long been a classic collectors item. A rare card of an outstanding player’s rookie season can be worth a small fortune. In addition, cards are fun to collect and to trade. While the all American past time is not quite as popular as it once was, baseball cards are still collected and traded. Cards can also be collected in other sports like basketball, football and hockey.

College athletics has created its own cottage industry for memorabilia. Loyalty to teams is very intense and rivalries between opposing teams strengthen fan loyalty to their alma mater. Finding college jerseys, jackets and trinkets is easy online or on campus. Most campus book stores and gift shops are literally overflowing with items that advertise the team logo.

Although merchandisers tend to focus on professional and collegiate athletics, collectors may also find artifacts in the realm of amateur sports. The summer and winter Olympics are a time when dreams are made and obscure amateur athletes become household names. The Olympic games also are sources of national pride and sometimes international controversy. Tickets and other souvenirs from the games are popular items to collect.

Sports memorabilia has a long history in America, and in other countries as well. The word fan is an abbreviation for “fanatic”, and one way to display fanaticism for your team is to surround yourself with memorabilia. For some it is an investment opportunity, and they can turn around athletic memorabilia for a handsome profit. However, for most fans the collection is not about making money, but instead it is about showing loyalty to the teams and athletes that they have grown to love and respect.

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