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Traveling internationally can open your eyes, mind, heart and soul. The gorgeous vistas, cultures, food, music and people can unlock the mysteries within you and the world. Sometimes we travel on foot other times we travel in vehicles but if we have a specific vehicle we want to ride along with us during our travels we must prepare its departure along with ours.

International Auto Shipping

It’s important to find an international auto shipping company that can assist and support you in this endeavor; for it’s not easy to do on your own.


Allowing the company 7 to 14 days to complete the trip on their W-E runs can make the time frames quicker on specific routes, but a majority of time it takes approximately 20 to 30 days for shipping. Planning enough time for the company to ship your vehicle overseas is needed. International shipping companies will let you plan up to two months before departure however the carrier will need about two weeks in advance for the shipment. If one needs the vehicle in advance companies will work on an individual basis with priority. You are normally scheduled to pick up your vehicle within 2 or 3 days. If your destination is inaccessible to you the shipping company will ask the driver to get as close as possible to your desired location, and if you are not available to pick up your vehicle it may have to go to a terminal for you to get it, but having an alternative part or family member to pick and sign the car for you is also a good idea.

If you have any requests for a different time frame or delivery they’re most likely able to accommodate to your schedule; of course this will vary in the pricing forefront. Rates are determined by size and weight, and you can either prepay or pay in the country through one of their agents. Most international shipping companies allow you to pay with personal checks, cashiers’ checks, postal money orders, and major credit cards. Also it’s mandatory when shipping overseas that your gas tank should be as low as possible, for their convenience.

Some customers ask, since the car is going international, if they can pack personal belongings in the car. However, the Department of Transportation has ruled, as of 1998, that you may not leave or pack any items in your vehicle. All trucks are occasionally checked for items within the vehicles, and have the right to dispose of them. Household items and personal belongings are not allowed in vehicles, whether it is international or domestic. Your items are also not covered by carriers insurance so the risk of loading all your belongings in your vehicle isn’t a good idea. Also any damage that is made by the goods or items stuffed in your car is not covered. If items are loaded into the vehicles it adds more weight to your car; which can affect the international shipping carrier and their trucks. It can damage the loading and unloading of your vehicle causing harm to the suspension of your car.

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