Applications Of Virtual Pbx System

The virtual PBX system offers several useful features that can help improve employee productivity, enhance quality of customer service, result in huge cost and time saving, provide scalability, makes hiring of tech staff superfluous etc.It is hosted by a service provider, allowing users to connect even their existing phone lines to a single main number. The feature-rich virtual PBX phone system comes with voicemail, fax mail, auto attendant, conference calling, music-on-hold, and find-me/follow-me call forwarding etc.The Auto Attendant feature lends your organization a more professional image and does the job of a faithful receptionist. The professionally recorded business greeting gives your business the appearance of a Fortune 500 company, regardless of the number of employees you have or your annual sales turnover.Each auto attendant extension can transfer the incoming calls to an office line, a residence phone, a mobile phone, or a VOIP phone, enabling you to receive important business calls no matter where you are. You can do settings for your call routing according to time of day, day of week, caller ID and other factors.When you are expecting an important phone call, your virtual PBX can find you – wherever you are – with the ‘find me follow me’ call forwarding feature. Finally, if you are not available at any of the numbers, the call will go to voicemail. This ensures you do not miss out on any important business call. Customers waiting on the line can listen to any music of your choice. When callers dial your number, they are given the option to reach the person they need through dial-by-name – an extraordinary feature.Interestingly, a virtual PBX provides for online management. By logging in to your account, you can perform actions, change settings, view call logs, and access voicemails and faxes.You can get instant fax notifications in your email accounts and this can be a great boon. With the fax to email service, when a fax is sent to your local phone number or a toll-free phone number, it is straightaway identified as a fax message and converted into a PDF file, and forwarded to your email inbox. The main advantages are you can receive simultaneously multiple faxes 24×7 without a fax machine, no need to buy or download special software, avoid spending on various consumables and paper, obtain cell phone or pager notification for new fax messages, store faxes electronically in any format and retrieve them with ease etc.Any business, regardless of its size and scale of operations, would find a lot of benefits in opting for a virtual PBX system. Virtual PBX phone system eliminates purchase of hardware, its installation and subsequent life-long maintenance. With VoIP facility and a single phone line, you can effortlessly create your enterprise-wide telecommunication system.The virtual PBX service providers offer cost-effective, professionally managed phone system to keep your business communication efficient. With our state-of-the-art, affordable and scalable virtual PBX systems, they help their clients render impressive customer service – all for a reasonable monthly service charge.The virtual PBX service providers deploy the latest firewalls and anti-virus software to ensure that your sensitive data is safeguarded from hackers and intruders. Moreover, encryption of data prior to transmission further strengthens data security.