8 Helpful Tips To Minimize Liposuction Risks

By Rena Graham

The moment you agree to a liposuction surgery, you are already making yourself vulnerable to all the risks involved with it. But you don’t have to lie there and accept this as plainly something that is just part of the procedure. The fact is, there are measures that you can take to help you avoid the possible hazards. Here are some simple tips that will help you come out of surgery and heal with better success.

1. Make your skin and your body in general as healthy as possible prior to surgery.

To attain this you have to go back the basics, and that is eating healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and proteins. This will keep your body able to heal well and your skin to heal faster.

Since liposuction surgery is an invasive procedure you need all the nutrition and preparation you need to ensure that your body can cope well with this. When you do, you will be able to heal better, which means less chances of scarring. The length and quality of your recovery will determine the results of your liposuction surgery.

2. Kick those vices off.

The moment that you decide to undergo liposuction surgery, you must stop any vices such as cigarette smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. The reason for this is that they increase bleeding tendencies and impair your skin’s ability to heal on time. Do this at least 4 weeks before surgery and even during your recovery period.

3. Choose a reputable surgeon who is particularly trained in performing liposuction.

This is a critical process when preparing for surgery. You should choose a surgeon who has a good breadth of experience if you want quality results. A surgeon, who uses safe and skilled techniques, will prevent any possible problems such as organ puncture and contour irregularities. Remember, your surgeon solely relies on knowledge on anatomy and their skills with palpation, so make sure that you entrust this with someone who has a good work history.


4. Discuss the course of your treatment with your surgeon.

To better prepare for this, you should read up on liposuction surgery and the various techniques available. This will make you be aware of the advantages as well as the drawbacks involved. There are certain liposuction techniques that have certain risks involved that may be particularly dangerous for your case.

For instance, tumescent liposuction has the risk of fluid and electrolyte imbalance. When the body is infused with large amounts of fluid there is a possibility for cardiac overload and pulmonary edema.

5. Protect your incision site properly.

If you want to avoid ugly scars, you must always employ every measure to keep your wound area as clean as possible. When you introduce infection into the site, it can significantly delay healing. When this happens, your chances for scar formation increase.

To properly clean the area, swab it with antiseptic in a circular motion using a clean gauze or cotton ball from the center going outwards.

When applying ointment, make sure that you expel a small amount first into a tissue and before you squeeze it again for application.

And always make sure that as you do all these, your hands should be washed thoroughly first.

6. Apply anti-scar creams on your healed incision site.

Scar creams which you can buy over the counter are effective means to reduce scar formation or lighten them. Massage this on the area using your clean hands. The motion will also encourage good circulation which would promote better healing.

7. Take the entire course of antibiotic treatment prescribed by the doctor.

Even without infection, an antibiotic would be prescribed as prophylactic treatment. This means that it will be more of a preventive measure from any possible infection. Antibiotics work best when they are taken regularly for the entire course. Again, infection will delay healing which can predispose you to scars.

8. A tummy tucks to trim and tone the areas better.

Since liposuction removes significant amounts of fat from the body, it is also expected that extra and sagging skin could result. To make the results come out more appealing, a tummy tuck procedure would have to be done. It will tighten the skin to make it follow your new contour better. Liposuction prices in Sydney are no joke, but it is also best to have some extra cash that will serve as a final finish to a great work of art.

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